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Seeking to empower the whole man spirit, soul and body and to create an impact and need to our viewers

PBN broadcasting network is one of the first Caribbean internet TV that was birthed in my spirit to create avenues to bring pure gospel and positive teaching throughout the Caribbean and the world. The P.B.N Broadcasting Network would be one of the fastest growing faith based TV network in the Caribbean and would be able to air throughout the world. It will be a Christian TV network that everyone can be a part of. Our purpose is to provide programs that will feed spirit soul and body and emphasize and empower physical brand financial emotional and spiritual viewers. PBN Broadcasting Network will be a family based spiritual entertainment network and will be able to motivate local and foreign viewers.


The PBN broadcasting network is a non-profit corporation in the country of Trinidad and Tobago and was created to address kingdom issues and was dedicated to the teaching of Jesus Christ and apostles and was founded by Carl Meade. It is seeking to be one of the Caribbean foremost operating Christian Broadcasting television in the Caribbean. Our mission is to make this message of the gospel of Jesus Christ compulsory for all human beings nations and cities. The Podium Broadcasting Network will be a communication company network that will be able to broadcast quality gospel teaching preaching inspiration information and entertainment and will be for the whole family throughout environs. PBN programs would be resourceful to affect lives and bring change wherever it is being aired.


PBN Broadcasting network hoping to be one of the Caribbean fastest faith based internet network in the Caribbean. PBN is hoping to reach the 13,000,000 homes in the Caribbean via the internet, cable and source of communication that is available.

The PBN Network will be spreading the gospel to any region necessary starting with its base Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the world.

How To Partner With PBN

PBN are seeking satellite, internet and cable providers that are willing to be a part of PBN aired network, we welcome all ministries, production companies, talk shows that is Christ centered and gospel orientated to be aired and showed on PBN. You can fill out the form and our department will get back to you or call 868-633-2336. Thanks in advance.